Pirate Games

Islands: the same way like with musical chairs but with the islands cut from paper.

Treasure map: draw a map of a classroom with the tresure (some candies) and the kids have to find it.

Have you got my treasure?

One person hide the picture of a box of treasure and onother person have to find it  asking Have you got my treasure?

Pirate crafts






It is also possible to make a Pirate Hat with a happy face instead of skull and to make up the faces.

The interesting idea to remember how brave are the pirates and that they don’t affraid of sharks. You can count the shark’s teeth.





When I was young I had some fun

On the day I went to sea.

I hopped abord the pirate ship

and the capitain said to me:

Oh, we go this way, that way

Forward, backward

Over the deep blue sea.


You can also play in Captain says (like Simon says) and give a “gold” coin for a winner. Finally you count the coins:

Pirate, pirate
On the ship
How much gold,
Did you get?